Sunday, August 25, 2013

Critical Thinking Class

A course of DVDs and discussions. Lectures delivered by Steven Novella in a series called "Your Deceptive Mind" Part 1 covers lectures 1-14 and Part 2 (a separate course) covers 15-24.
Tentative schedule below (subject to change)
Your Deceptive Mind with Steven Novella
Fall 2013
Part 1 (7 classes)
Sep 12  Class 1: The Necessity of Thinking about Thinking and The Neuroscience of Belief
Sep 19  Class 2: Errors of Perception and Flaws and Fabrications of Memory
Sep 26  Class 3: Pattern Recognition – Seeing What’s Not There and Our Constructed Reality
Oct 3  Class 4: The Structure and Purpose of Argument and Logic and Logical Fallacies
Oct 10 Class 5: Heuristics and Cognitive Biases and Poor at Probability – Our Innate Innumeracy
Oct 17  Class 6: Toward Better Estimates of What’s Probable and Culture and Mass Delusions
Oct 24 Class 7: Philosophy and Presuppositions of Science and Science and the Supernatural
Part 2 (5 classes)
Nov 7  Class 1: Varieties and Quality of Scientific Evidence and Great Scientific Blunders
Nov 14  Class 2: Science vs. Pseudoscience and The Many Kinds of Pseudoscience
Nov 21  Class 3: The Trap of Grand Conspiracy Thinking and Denialism – Rejecting Science and History
Dec 5  Class 4: Marketing, Scams, and Urban Legends and Science, Media, and Democracy
Dec 12  Class 5: Experts and Scientific Consensus and Critical Thinking and Science in Your Life
Cost is $20 for either part and $30 for both. $5 for a single class.

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